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This means it can be used for import declarations for the EU. For export declarations, you can use the corresponding CN-code, which consists of the first eight digits of this code. Note that the first six digits of this code are the HS-code, which is the same internationally.

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When classifying a product, you need to check a lot of different data sources. You can find them all in our online platform, just one mouse click away.

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We provide customs information for both the EU and the UK. This information has been bundled into a user-friendly web application. Request a free trial You will be able to quickly check conditions for import and export, validate your declaration lines van e széles szalagom ensure you file a correct customs declaration and use the duty calculator to determine the amount of duties to be paid.

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This makes it possible to integrate it into your own systems automatically. As customs information experts ourselves, we love to dive into the nitty-gritty details. We feel that seeking out complex legislative information is a thrill.

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We love to study all possible data sources meticulously so that we can assure that all information for a commodity code is complete and up-to-date. And so we also know what it takes to meet all customs formalities.

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